Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If its a marshmallow world in the winter, what is it in the fall?

The snow has come to central New York. Last night my daughter got 12 inches of snow just 20 miles south of where we live. Here in Vernon we got a dusting overnight. Either the plow or the sander went through at 4:00 this morning. How wonderful it is to have a son who works for the town highway department. This calls for another pie or maybe a cake.

Today after we get home from Mass, Matthew and I will just stay home and keep warm. The wood stove has a roaring blaze in it and there is plenty to do with schoolwork and sewing projects.

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Lisa said...

I'm feeling that Fall Cozy feeling just reading about it... We haven't had snow here yet, but they're threatening us with some this week. I'm not sure how my wood pile is going to hold out, either, though, unless someone generously decides to cut all our tree scraps down to stove length, too! (May have to wait for Thanksgiving break!)