Tuesday, July 24, 2007

He Did It

After three months of being in the shop in pieces Jason finally got the Allis Chalmers tractor back together and running. It took that long to get all the parts. Most of that time was researching where to get some of the parts and getting a few of them specially machined.
He was so surprised. Not me!!!!! I told him I knew he could do it. Not only is it together and running but the three-point hitch arms are back on and operating for the first time since I have known the tractor.
He got it together and then ran it around the farm. Then he and his buddy Phoenix had to try it out together. Phoenix helped him put the brakes together and the back tires on. Phoenix loves to help Jason. He was so proud when he got all greasy!

he really felt the need for the hard-hat when he found it sitting in the shop. So Mary-Kate took a picture of him sitting on his new favorite tractor.

Yesterday Jason tried it out by putting the disc bine on it and mowing the hay with it. It has more power than it ever had.

A Fishing Trip To Mount Hope Reservoir

Sunday the family decided to pack a picnic lunch and take a trip to Mount Hope to spend the lovely day resting and relaxing each in his or her own way. Matthew packed his "survival" gear in his back-pack. (whatever that is). Jason packed his frisbee, Mary-Kate packed her fishing gear, and mom and dad packed a good book and a blanket to lay on. Off we went to spend the day in the wilderness. To every Pelicano if I say that it is a fishermans horror with trees too close to the good fishing spots and much tackle hanging from all the branches you can all picture the place in your minds.
Matthew doesn't particularly like to fish, he is the zizz plunk type of fisherman that makes the serious fisherman cringe when they are in close proximity. It was not going to be a peaceful day for the serious fisherperson (Mary-Kate) and Matthew even though he did not bring his gear.
He immediately spied all that tackle hanging from the trees and it was all over for Mary-Kate's peaceful day of catching fish.

Now most of us like to go to a store of some kind to procure our fishing tackle. Imagine all the shelves neatly lined with sinkers, hooks, bobbers, and other delights designed to make any fisherman part with all his money. Not Matthew, his delight is in seeing a tree in the wilderness festooned with abandoned tackle that was once loved by some poor child who probably left in tears and frustration.
Now, no effort sees to be too great for Matthew to bag that tackle so he can enjoy the great American sport of fishing. He will risk everything to get all the gear he needs to fish properly. Here he is hanging from a branch in persuit of a bobber of all things to round out his requirements.
Even Jason succommed to the lure (pardon the pun) of the free tackle hanging around and procured some of his own and took to fishing. (fear not folks he is properly licensed) He, however did not climb trees but kept to the ground and what was easily obtained on terra firma.
Matthew's camo hat became a casualty to his hanging upside down from the tree.
Not much sympathy from his father but much advice. I must reveal that the bobber stayed firmly attached to the branch of the tree.
Mary-Kate, in spite of her self did suffer a snag which Matthew did take time out to un-snag for her. (what a guy) I think he had designs on her gear at this point)
Of course he can't do it the easy way. He has to go out almost to the end of a partially submerged tree. Thankfully he brought a change of clothes in his bag of survival gear. That bag is starting to look pretty good to me.

Jason is still enjoying his easily gotten fishing tackle. No climbing skinny branches for him.
Ok, lets try this one more time. That bobber sure has to be worth it. He never did get it. And he finally gave up the whole fishing thing. He makes it look more like work than it really is. It's supposed to be a relaxing past-time.

Thankfully he never fell into the drink. That water is not too clean. Mary-Kate caught one little sunfish which she threw back. Matthew ate a huge lunch. But we all had a nice day and I think we will do it again real soon. Thanks for all the entertainment Matthew.

What Would We Do Without Kay?

Yesterday Kay had to spend the morning at the hospital having some tests done. So, true to Kay form, Sunday evening she calls here to make sure that I will still be able to come and pick her up. Of course I will, would I forget Kay? Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, just as my lawn mower runs out of gas the hospital calls to tell me that Katherine is ready to come home. I almost said "Katherine who?" we don't know her as Katherine. So I get cleaned up and changed, (It wouldn't do to go get herself dirty and smelly) and hop into the car to rush to Kay's side.

The poor thing, they didn't treat her like the royalty she is, she was bored stiff on that gurney while waiting for her test to be done. No TV, crossword puzzle, no entertainment of any kind. Didn't they know that they had Kay there in their midst? Anyway, they quickly gave her the directions for her care and then it was into her wheelchair for the ride to the car and a volunteer to push her down the hall. A warning from me to treat her like a classic car and away we go.

She had some difficulty getting up into my car then we were off. Wait! she had to put on her lipstick before we left the parking lot! Straight back to the home and she settled in for the afternoon.

This is how royalty has tests at the local hospital. I will have to have a word with them about the entertainment thing.

We love our Kay.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dear Friends

Tonight the Lord has truly blessed us. While taking a walk Jason received a phone call that Mark, Kathy, and Mark Jr. were in a car accident while on the way home from visiting Cobleskill College. They had rolled the car over. We all, of course immediately began praying. Doug and I made preparations to drive to the hospital in Cooperstown to be with them and possibly drive them home if they needed it.All the while this was going on more phone calls were made and we were blessed with the news that Kathy and the baby are apparantly fine and so are Mark and Mark Jr. Kathy's mother is bringing them home from the hospital so our trip their was unnecessary.

Prayers, however continue to be very necessary. Both prayers of thanksgiving that nothing more serious occurred and continued prayers that Kathy and the baby stay safe. Thanks be to God that they are alive and all seems to be well. The ones left at home are shook up and rightfully so. Let us all learn from this and keep them in our thoughts and prayers. mom

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Heart of a Mother

All of my distant sons called today. Each one with his own joys and sorrows. Each with his "good news and bad news." Will a mother ever get used to hearing what a son has to say when he is so far away from home? Do they know how you want to be there to kiss it and make it all better like you could when they were little? I hope that the words that you say and the tone of voice you use does something to convey the love and sympathy that you feel for their fears, which they won't share with you, and sorrows, which you can only sense.
Ryan feels bored by the inactivity that the army often forces on him and frustrated by what he feels he needs and wants to do for his men which he is often unable to do because of circumstances beyond his control. I assure him that he is in my prayers and that his are very important at times like these. I hope he can feel the effects of those prayers.
Adam had to tell us that he may be in Iraq for 6 months soon. I felt his hesitation at having to worry me that way. I guess that I will have to double my prayers (is that possible for a mother to do?). To any and all who may read this even if you don't let me know who you are, please pray for my sons. Their souls are of paramount importance to me. More than my own life.

Ian is at his two week drill for the Army National Guard. He says he is having a lot of fun. I am on edge everytime he goes for fear he will call and say he has to go back over there. I know we can't live their lives for them but that doesn't mean that we have to like the lives that they are living. I had to raise such brave and giving men.

The Lord bless and keep all three of them. May He make his face to shine upon them and give them peace. I love you boys and am very proud of you. Mom

Adam's Birthday Continues

Even though Adam is out to sea and not here to be with us we celebrate his birthday anyway.

So Mary-Kate made gingerbread and we put this heart-shaped candle on and sang Happy Birthday to Adam. It took the whole rest of the family to blow out the candle. The the cake was cut and we all enjoyed Adam's birthday cake.

We even served a slice for Adam on the special plate. Traditions must be upheld.

The cake was good Adam but it would have been better if you had been home to enjoy it with us. Maybe next year. Happy 21st birthday and many more.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Waiting For Butterflies

While I was making supper tonight the largest of our caterpillers made itself a home. It took a mere 10 minutes for the little builder to make this beautiful structure. The picture does not do it justice. Now we need only be patient and wait for the miracle to happen.


While waiting for Jason to load the truck with round bales I took a little walk in the ditch at the neighbors farm to see if the monarch butterfly caterpillers were out yet.Although it is early I was happily rewarded with these four. So homeward I came with a new science project.

Each day we bring them fresh milkweed leaves to feed on and empty the "poops" out of the fish bowl that they live in.

This morning we discovered one beginning to hang from the side of the bowl. I think it is time for it to go to sleep and transform itself into a butterfly. Only time will tell.

Today Is Adam's 21st Birthday

Today, 21 years ago, Adam came into the world. He surprised all of us by being early and he especially surprised the doctor that delivered him by smiling up at him when he opened me up to deliver Adam. You never saw a man more shocked!!!!
He's been smiling and surprising us ever since. Adam has been famous all of his life for his smile. Even when he is trying to be serious or pious it is lurking there ready to show itself at a moments notice.Adam was very proud to have made his First Communion on his grandpa Pelicano's birthday. They have always had a special bond. Grandpa was always tolerant of Adam's constant questions. His favorite phrase when he was growing up was "Grandpa, guess what......"
Adam's energy level is phenomenal. Sometimes he would just drop in place he was so tired from going and going all day.

Now he is in the service of his country and they are very fortunate to have him. (of course that is only the opinion of his very proud parents.) Happy Birthday to you Adam. We love you and have been truly blessed by God to have you as our son.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Gift From Jason

Some kids not only pick flowers for their mothers, they also grow them first. Jason picked this sunflower for me from the field of sunflowers that he planted this past spring. What a beautiful bloom. Thank you Jason.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Good Day Continues

When a family is having such a great day it seems a shame to let the sun going down force you to end it. That's the way it was last night. So we just lit the bonfire and kept the day going just a little longer.Out came the Coleman stove and the pot of chile and we were good to go. We sat around the fire and listened to Jason's stories of his exicting weekend.

What's better than a bowl of hot homemade chile, a slice of homemade bread and a campfire to finish off a great day.

They do all look a little the worse for wear but the time spent together is worth it. Today they are still talking about what a good time we all had both together and apart. May these times last for a little longer.

A Very Enjoyable Sunday

Sunday was the day. Jason was gone to Massachusets for the Seubenville East conference and Uncle Tom and Aunt ReNee and the girls decided not to stop in Vernon for some reason. (Matthew thinks they are avoiding us). So we decided to make our own fun. We packed the car and headed for the great Adirondack mountains. First stop Bald Mountain.

As usual Matthew ran up the mountain and ended up waiting for the rest of us at the top. Doug and I chose to take a more leaisurely pace so that Mary-Kate would have someone to walk with. It's hard to believe that she is 9 weeks post-op. She made it to the top and down without a complaint.

At the top the scenery was admired and the usual pictures were taken. Those of you who are usually in our party were sorely missed. Adam, we missed you being the first one up there. Ryan, we missed your dry comments about the lack of difficulty of the terrain. Me especially missed everyone's company.

At the bottom everyone had a quick snack then off the the best part of the day, Nicks Lake. There we all relaxed each in our own way. Mary-Kate and Matthew fished for awhile then they played in the sand. The air temperature was 71 degrees with a breeze blowing so we all opted to stay out of the water.

Doug and I hike the 6 mile trail around the lake and enjoyed the solitude and the beauty of the area while Matthew and Mary-Kate read their books and sat in the sunshine.

Finally we had to leave this beautiful place and head back home to pick-up Jason.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Playing Dress-up

Mary-Kate and Elizabeth took time on a hot day to play a little dress-up. A little girl needs a big girl to teach her the fine art of dressing up and Mary-Kate is the big girl for the job.Here is Elizabeth learning to accessorize. It is very important to have the right jewelry for the outfit.

Of course it's kind of tough to pair the right accessories with a bike helmet but they will find something to go with that too.... never fear.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A Possible Budding Priest?

Matthew's package came in the mail this morning. I had ordered a child size Mass kit for him. He was very happy to get it.
Right away he opened each little box, pulled out the piano bench and began to set up his little altar.
As you can see from the close-up each piece is beautiful and the attention to detail is quite nice. The kit contains everything that a boy needs to "play" mass and have his own little church.
Even at 15 years-old Matthew still loves to practice what he needs to do when he is on the altar with Father each time he serves Mass.

The kit is beautiful and quite inexpensive and the quality is surprisingly fine. I'm glad we could please Matthew with such a simple gift.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jason Day Again?

The obvious neglect of this blog sight this week should be explained by this picture. We have been preparing to celebrate Jason's graduation from high school. All week long we have been getting ready to honor Jason's completion and commencement from high school.
Then this morning we took the time to pose in front of our hard work and take a picture of the graduate and what family we have at home.
Even Lupus gets into the picture. (she's part of the family too)

We're proud of you Jason. For the rest of the party story go to tenkidsandadog.blogspot.com Joann does a much better job of telling the sory than I do.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Three Cheers For The Red White and Blue

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let us all remember the immortal words of Patrick Henry on this great day which are still appropriate in our present conflicts:
"Gentlemen may cry peace, peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen whish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!