Monday, August 27, 2007

Last Minute Preparations For School?

Here is Jason's idea of a few last minute things that he had to do before he left for school last Thursday.
He took the tractor and the post hole digger up to the neighbors and helped them drill holes and set posts for the barn that they are building for their horses.
Of course Matthew had to get in on the act. Chris was very appreciative of the help. It isn't easy to drill those holes by hand.
Matthew helped to finish them by hand while Elizabeth looked on.
Let's check to make sure that they are deep enough so that the poles won't heave when the frost sets in this winter.

Elizabeth makes a great measuring stick.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jason's Last Full Day At Home

Today will be frenzied day of packing Jason to take him off to Cobleskill tomorrow. Now there are two differing schools of thought on this topic. If I think about the old Jason who used to drive me crazy and who used to be oblivious to life and it's little responsibilities, then I could be, perhaps, persuaded to be a little happy that he is going. Maybe, and that is a big maybe.But mostly I think about the new Jason who is mostly helpful and silly and great to be around. Then I don't want him to leave. So it is with a heavy heart that I help pack him up and take him away for his next big adventure. But of course Cobleskill is only 85 miles away and I keep reminding him of that. So enjoy your adventure, but not too much.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today Was a Day For Check-Ups

Today Mary-Kate had her physical for school and was pronounced fit and healthy. She survived her shots and bloodwork. (I dread taking Matthew for his)

And Lupus went to the vet for her check-up and shots. She was pronounced perfect. Adam you can be proud of your dog. She misses you though. Can't you tell by the way that she is looking at you?

Strange Goings On With The Kraeger Men

What does a mother do when her son says "I'm bringing you a present but will you take the tires off the old truck first?" Of course she sends her men out to take the tires off the old truck.

So in the dark of night last night we went out and towed the truck out behind the shop and jacked it up and started to take the tires off of it.
Now most sons bring their mothers ordinary things like roses. But not my son. He thinks like I do and he thinks practically.

His boss is having a new barn built and it is going up in the middle of a corn field. Now Ian hates the thought of waste. So here he is with his father in the dark of night by the headlights of his truck picking corn from the proposed barn sight into the bed of the truck.

Ian's gift to me is a truckload of free feed for my pigs. What more could any mother want. I think I'll make him a pizza and buy him a six pack of his favorite beer. Then we can sit down together and shuck all that corn. We'll all be in "hog heaven"

Monday, August 20, 2007

Good Friends

Yesterday's parish picnic was enjoyed, I think, by all in attendance. Since Joann did such a good job of blogging the good time that was had by all I think that I will just chronicle all of the familiar faces that were there. Below you can pick out our beloved Dr. Jim and his brother Mr. John in among the kids.
Of course Mrs. Alessi was there with some of her good home baking.
And Mr. Alessi came with her. He asked about Adam as he always does and assured us that Adam remains in his prayers.
Mr. Buehner and Mr. Mollenhauer chatted together. We were all happy to see Pappa Buehner out and about. And there is Mr. Hesler with his lovely bride of 50 years and their son-in-law Pat.
Mr. Mollenhauer.
Grandma Vito sharing memories of picnics past and our beloved Pappa Vito and all the good times that he provided to the kids in all of us. He was there with us in spirit.
Doug visiting with Pappa Buehner.

Another shot of the lovely Mrs. Hesler. That one was worth repeating.

And here is Mrs. Collins with her beautiful daughter Becky. Joann is a good mother and a great friend.

Out humble Padre was there spreading his love and good cheer to all of the people. The children who were in attendance were the recipients of his good humor also as we all were in years past.

Mr. John and Mrs. Megan enjoying a few minutes of down time. Mrs. Megan provided a great day for the young and old alike with her great games.

Dave and Donna presided over the food table.
Mr. Hugunine and Mrs. Cmaylo in line to get their food.
Mrs. Hugunine ready with a smile for everyone who passed by her.
Here's Audrey.

I had to include a picture of a rare occurrance. Jason and Matthew in the three legged race. They didn't win but they were in full cooperation which is a rare happening.

A Very Busy Saturday

Saturday Mary-Kate and I went to Holy Cross to help with the school clean up day. When we got to the school it looked like a tornado had gone through, so we jumped into the storm and started cleaning. Mary-Kate grabbed a rag and helped scrub lockers and get them ready for the next bunch of eager students.

I can't tell here is she doesn't want her picture taken or she can't believe how awful this locker looks.

Everyone pitched in and although order had not been restored by the time we had left, cleanliness had been and that is a good thing.

Look what we had waiting for us when we got home. We had our own brand of work to do there.

Matthew put on the pans of water to boil and quickly got out jars to wash while Mary-Kate and I started to peel tomatoes.

They both know enough to do their part and get it done quickly and get out of the kitchen. Then mom is left alone with the canner and the stove and here is what comes from that days work. They sure will be good this winter when we no longer have them fresh from the garden.

The Recent Neglect of This Blog Sight

This past week has been spent working on the paperwork for Jason's financial aid for college. Thursday is the day that we take him to school and the paper had to be finished and filed before then. Now I know what you are all thinking, that I put it off until the last minute because I didn't want him to go. That is simply not true. Monday morning our income tax was finally filed and we had all the information needed to file accurate financial aid forms for Jason. And that is the honest truth. Although you are all right that I don't want to see him go, even to a school that is an hour and fifteen minutes away. So here are pictures of my desk this past week showing all of the paperwork that I have worked on.
Finally on friday I drove to Cobleskill and filed everything and we are pleased to say that he was eligible for complete financial aid and he even has enough leftover for books and supplies for his course. So the money he earned this summer can stay in the bank and collect dust. This week we will spend out time spoiling him and making it difficult for him to leave and then on Thursday we pack up and drive to Cobleskill to drop him off. To treat Mary-Kate and Matthew (and I think the mother) Doug says we can stay over camping at Glimerglass State Park and visit Cooperstown on the way home.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Good Day's Work

A friend brought us a bushel and 1/2 of peaches from Pennsylvania. Here they are now. That's how Mary-Kate and I spent our Monday.

Monday, August 13, 2007


After Mass yesterday Jason and I went to see some friends in a horseshow. Now I don't particularly care for horses. That may shock some people who are horse lovers but that's the way it is. As Ryan would say "some days are like that". But I went anyway. I learned that equitation is a fancy way of saying how you behave on the horses back.

So we watched Jesse ride English. Very prim and proper.

We watched Kaylee ride English. It got so hot that they excused the jackets by the time that she had to ride.

Then we watched Kim ride western. Much more relaxed. Different names for the same kinds of moves that the horses made and that got me confused and then everyone laughed at me because I had trouble keeping things straight. Oh well. When you're not a horse person.

Lovely Start to a Sunday Morning

Yesterday we got up and found a hot air balloon flying over our house. It was so low that we knew that it was going to land near by. So we grabbed the car keys and the camera and started to follow it.

To our great pleasure it landed in the hay field that we had just mowed and baled the day before.

So we piled out of the car and started to help the crew pull down the balloon. This is an event that has happened here many times. There is a bunch of guys that live south of here that give rides twice a day in the summer and they frequently fly over.

It is a beautiful sight to see one of these things fly over and it is even more impressive to help pull it down.

Afterward out comes the champagne and the toasts begin. Everyone on a hot air balloon crew is a friend even if you have never met them. What a great way to start your day.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What Do Farmers Do At Empire Farm Days?

Thursday we went to Empire Farm Days. It's like the State Fair only just for farmers. Mary-Kate stayed home because it was her second day out of her brace and we were afraid it would be too long a day for her.

So what do farmers do at Empire Farm Days? They look at machinery.

And more machinery, big machinery and little machinery.
They get under machinery, and they get into the machinery.

They talk about the machinery with anyone who will talk about the machinery. Friend or stranger, it doesn't matter. Everyone is a friend when there is machinery around.

Sometimes they just stand there and look. I don't know why, maybe they just can't find anything to say so they just stand there and look.

Not all the machinery there is for farmers but it all seems to appeal to farmers. (I guess because the majority of them are men?)

There were a lot of trucks there, and they had to stand around and look at them. Trucks need to be admired too.

Sometimes they just have to stand around. (I guess they just have to rest from all that standing around and looking.)

Then they go back to standing around and looking at machinery all over again. They had a great time though.

And that's what farmers do at Empire Farm Days. Until next year.