Friday, March 28, 2008

Carrying On a Tradition No Matter What

Every Holy Thursday we have a tradition of inviting someone over to make Easter bread with us. This year everyone was busy recovering from being sick so I thought that it might not be a good idea to have anyone over to bake bread.

Mary-Kate was determined to carry on the bread making tradition though so she took it upon herself to make the bread anyway. This was very brave of her because she does not like the feel of the flour on her hands and thus does not kneed the dough anywhere long enough.
She did follow the recipe very well and did kneed the dough long enough. Then she got to her favorite part and braided the loaves beautifully. She even made enough to give away to all the people that we usually give bread to each year.
As you can see her loaves are beautiful to look at and I can tell you that they were delicious also.

Easter In My Home Town

This year we celebrated Easter in two churches. Holy week was spent in the little country church in my home town. This is the church where I was married and where all of my children were baptized and made there first communions. This is where our beloved Father Morelle is the pastor and has been since I was 10 years old. All of my five sons have served mass here.

This church is beautiful in its simplicity. And the holiness of our pastor is inspiring to all the faithful who meet him.

Then on Holy Saturday Matthew went to St. Josephs Parish in the town near us to rehearse to serve the vigil mass. The pastor here is also a very holy man and is a good friend to our beloved Father Morelle. Matthew likes going here because Father Castronovo lets any boy serve who comes to mass. He has no schedule for the altar boys.
The boys that you see in these pictures have been serving with Matthew just about every morning for the past two years.
They are very devoted to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Father has taught them to serve on the altar with great love and devotion.
So although we love those in our home parish we have learned to fit in at this parish as well.
God has truly blessed us with two such parishes and such good friends for Matthew and Mary-Kate.

We're Back In The Saddle and Stronger

Well we hit a slight bump for awhile there. Matthew got the flu and was down for a few weeks. Then Mary-Kate got the flu and was down for two and a half weeks. Then Matthew got pneumonia and Mary-Kate trumped him by getting bronchitis and having to go to the hospital because she couldn't breathe. Then I got pneumonia from being run down from taking care of both of them. Finally, just when we thought that everyone was better and Doug had escaped it, he got bronchitis.
But he is now much better and I think that we are past all of that. So much so that we have sent out three tractor trailer loads of hay this week and 4 various and sundry smaller loads.

Now if only the weather would cooperate. This morning we woke up to two inches of snow on the ground.
Tomorrow we are going to butcher the last of the pigs for the year and then I am done with that part of the business for the rest of the year. I am sad to announce that I am down sizing my pig business. The price of feed is getting to be a bit too high. Last fall I started out paying $145/ton for pig mix, now I am up to $320/ton two weeks ago when I got my last ton. I don't know what it is this week. Fortunately a friend came on Monday and combined my corn so I have feed for several weeks for the remaining pigs that are in the barn. Maybe by the time the corn runs out God will bless me with nice weather and dryer ground and they can go out and forage for some of their feed. Too bad that pigs shouldn't eat baleage because we have plenty of that.

Thanks be to God that my family is getting better.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Jason

Yesterday was not only St. Patricks day but it was also Jason's 20th birthday. Although I did not post this yesterday, I did not forget. My day was taken up with the attendance of a funeral of a very dear friends husband.
20 years ago God sent us Jason. What a big surprise!!!! Another dear boy to take home to love and care for. But what different boy from the start was this one.
Sweet and gentle was Jason from the start. Content to be held by his mom and dad. Not rough and tumble like his big brothers before him. Curious about the world around him. God gave this boy many different talents. Music is his way of expressing himself. When he sits down at the piano he is lost in his own world. He can make a piano speak a very special language.
Even though when he was little he was his mothers "little dumpling" he has grown up into a very strong and athletic man. He can master whatever he sets his mind to. Ice skating, snow boarding, skiing are nothing to this guy. Just point him in the right direction and he has it down in no time.
The Army has a great asset in this man. From a young age he could drive any vehicle that he wanted, tear apart any engine and make it sing. Those are talents that are truly going to make him stand out in this mans army.
Jason you may not believe it but your father and I are proud of you and stand by you in career move. Give it all you have and be the best that you can. You are in our prayers.
We love you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh No, Not Another One!!!!!

Here we go again. My fourth son, Jason, just enlisted in the Army Reserves. He will be going to basic training this summer. After basic he will come back and finish his last year at college.
After college he will do his AIT training and then make the decision whether to switch to the regular Army. (everyone in this family has an idea what he is going to do) I think that my sons must have a camouflage gene somewhere in their make up.

I'm awfully glad that green is my favorite color.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him Oh Lord

The husband of a good friend died today very unexpectedly. He left behind two small children and a good wife.
Eternal rest grant unto Walt, Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine on him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Have A 24 Year-Old Son!!!!!!!!!!!


24 years ago today God blessed my husband and I with a beautiful son in answer to our prayers.

Now, every parent will say that their child is perfect in every way, but this son truly is. From the first moment of his birth he has been a great blessing to this family.

Aside from the usual things that a parent enjoys with great relief, 10 fingers, 10 toes, perfectly formed little boy body, this boy was perfect in other ways. He slept through the night from the moment of his birth. He has always been healthy and a good eater. A better natured child you cannot find.

Doug and I have joked that when he was little I could sit him down in the middle of a room with his toys, go clean the house, and come back later to find him still sitting there happily playing still. At 18 months he was potty trained. One day he decided that he no longer wanted to wear a diaper. When he was challenged to stay dry he did and that was the end of diapers for this boy.
Not only is Ian happy and of a good disposition but he is kind and considerate to all. He is loving and devoted to his family.

He is loyal to God and to his country, serving two tours in Iraq during his stint in the United States Army.

Why do I write this tribute? Because I love my son. Because his father and I are proud of him and of the man that he is becoming. Because we want to share him with the whole world.
You are a blessing to us and to all who meet you, Ian. God bless you and stay with you for the rest of your life. Love Mom and Dad

Sunday, March 2, 2008

More Seussical

The Whos were at it last night. Laughing and dancing and rehearsing for the musical at Holy Cross.
This bunch of kids is boung and determined to do a good job. They listen closely to their director and try hard to do what she wants of them.

And when they get tired they sit down and rehearse from there. The show must go on.