Friday, October 12, 2007

Kindergarten Crafts

Tuesday in my kindergarten religion class we made shields for Michael the Archangel.
We took a paper plate and flattened it out and wrote Defent Us In Battle on what would be the bottom of the plate.

Then we glued a picture of Michael the Archangel that I had printed out from my computer between the words. Some of the kids colored the plate grey first because shields are grey don't you know Mrs. K. That's okay too. Then we took a piece of wide wire edged ribbon about 14" long and stapled it between that paper plate and another plain one so that the ribbon went around the plates at the back.

Like this. The ribbon is for the warrior to put his arm through so that he can hold up his shield to ward off the temptations of the devil.

Here are my warriors holding their shields. They really enjoyed this project. The boys really went over board "fighting" off the devil.

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