Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A New Roof

What a better thing to do with a long weekend than to put a new roof on the house. Ian and Jason planned a lovely surprise for me this past weekend. It was a long weekend for Jason so they got together with our neighbors and put the roof on the house.
Ian was the foreman. He kept everyone working and motivated to get the job done. Even when he had to leave for work yesterday.

Mary-Kate pulled nails from the 2x4's and handed them up to the guys on the roof.
Jason framed up around the chimney. He gets all the fussey work. But he must have done a good job, the foreman didn't complain about his work.

Doug and Matthew worked together moving the sheets of steel to the ladders and lifting them up.

Then the guys on the roof could pull them up and screw them all into place.

They worked most of Saturday, until they got rained out. Then all day Sunday and all day Monday. Today they are finishing the sealing and now we have a new steel roof on the house.
Thanks boys for a lovely surprise. Now you don't have to rush to the attic when it rains to put pails under all the leaks.

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