Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Serious Updating!!!!!!

Since I last posted much has been happening around here. Now this update is not going to be in chronological order but merely to give an idea of the state of our household.

Since last posting my soldier son has been home on leave twice. He is now back in country from Afghanistan and stationed in Kansas. This is a picture of him at Mary-Kate's graduation party doing what he likes most, holding little babies.

One of the things that we have been doing is celebrating Mary-Kate's graduation from high school.

She has been spending time with her friends this summer before they all go off to college.
We have been having bonfires. This one is at her friend Grace's graduation party.
Mary-Kate and Matthew have been taking swimming lessons three or four days a week.
Matthew was confirmed. My last child to be confirmed. Now their reception of the sacraments is up to them. An end to a chapter in my life but the beginning of many others.
As I said, Mary-Kate graduated from Holy Cross Academy. We are all very proud of her.
Mary-Kate, Matthew and I took a trip to Kentucky to see Jason graduate from basic training. On the way there we stopped to see Niagara Falls. They were suitably impressed.
What fun to share this wonder with my children.
While Ryan was home the second time we went up north and climbed Bald Mountain.

We also spent a couple of days ending an era in the lives of all of my children. We tore down their fort affectionately known as The Balcony.
We also built a dog run to protect our dogs from the increased traffic on our road. Unfortunately it couldn't keep Moses in and he ended up getting hit.
Doug and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. The kids and I got him a lovely statue of the Sacred Heart and planted a garden for him to stand in.
On Father's Day we took the patriarch for a picnic and a hike at Whetstone Gulf.
Lupus and Moses in their new yard before Moe got hit.
These are just a few of the many busy days that we spent since I last posted. Now that the summer is winding down we will be starting school and spending more time at home and in the house.

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Lisa said...

So good to catch up with you! &:o) Happy Anniversary! Happy graduation to Mary Kate! Happy Confirmation to Matthew! I'm glad all is well, and that at least one of the wandering soldiers is back home in the States. Where are the others now?