Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Excitement Ian Style

Monday we had our second big snowfall of the season. As a mother you are generally concerned when you have teenagers driving especially when the weather is like this. When your children get into their twenties, though, and have survived two tours of duty in Iraq, you have finally learned to ease up a little in the concerned area.

When the phone rings at 10:00 at night and you hear your husband say, through your sleep fogged mind, "Your truck is totalled, Ian!" You start to rethink that relaxation of the concerned thing.

On his way home from fire school, on slippery, snow covered back roads, Ian hit a heifer that was standing in the middle of the road. The heifer happens to belong to some friends of ours which made it a little easier when he had to knock on the farmers door.

And Ian is the son of a farmer which makes it nice for the farmer who owns the heifer. But in the meantime Ian is short a set of wheels while this one goes throught he insurance red-tape and he does some work on his big red truck to get that on the road.

Thanks be to God he is fine but the heifer has a broken leg and is not expected to make it.

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Lisa said...

OH NO! Thank God Ian's ok! But poor truck, poor cow! As soon as you think you don't need to worry... But, then, obviously, God had your boy in the palm of His hand, like always!