Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The snow is trying to come back to Central New York. The question keeps coming up about whether I like snow. I know that my family keeps asking me to get a rise out of me since my feelings about snow are well known to all who live with me.

But actually I must confess here that my feelings about snow are a little more complicated than those that I have expressed in the past. True I do get a little crabby when there are several inches on the ground and more coming down and I have to go somewhere. What sane thinking person wouldn't, I ask you?

Conversely, when I am home and have no place to go. When there is a nice blaze in the wood stove and I am cozy and warm, what could be more lovely than the sight of big lacey flakes coming down outside. It is also a pleasure indeed to wake up in the morning to a blanket of white covering the traditional mud that generally covers our yard. Why at these times even I can wax poetic about snow.

I have been known to declare a particularly lovely snowy day a day off from school so that we might go out and do some sledding and perhaps build some snow people. I have done my fair share of ice skating and have even ventured onto the slopes for skiing and snow boarding. Now that the children are older and they are in charge of their own mittens and snowsuits going out into a winter wonderland is a stress free adventure.

It is only when we have winters where the snow just doesn't know when to stop. When the roads become impassable and the other drivers on the roads seem to forget how to drive in the white stuff, that the part of the love relationship comes into play.

I guess as long as I can find my way to the outhouse through the deep snow and I can stay warm, snow is alright with me.
Bring it on!

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Lisa said...

LOL! This is me, too! I love it; I hate it. Do you really have an OUTHOUSE, though? Seriously? In addition to an indoor wc? Or are ya joking?