Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Leave Time is Almost Over

Ryan has been very busy during his leave time. He has spent time at his computer.
Preparing a piglet for roast suckling pig which he requested for supper last night.
He entertained the troops. Of course this is one little girl who was very glad to see him. She enjoyed bossing him around.
He gave his sister the gift of a finished chicken coop.
More entertaining the troops. He took her for a walk down into the valley to see the flooding creek.

More time at the computer.
Splitting wood so that we can stay warm for whatever may be left of this winter.
Cleaning out the pig pens. You can't see him but he kept Matthew busy moving wheelbarrows of manure out of the barn. They spent a lot of time "working out" together.
Loading lumber for use in the chicken coop.
Playing commado in the shop on the piles of round bales. Matthew made a hay fort and wanted Ryan to play in there with him. There was only one problem. The tunnels were too small for Ryan.
There are only a few days left of this leave. Everyone here is going to miss Ryan when he is gone. I wonder if he won't be happy to get back to afghanistan to have a little rest after all that he did while he was home.

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Alice Gunther said...

Great photos.

Praying for this fine young man. What a blessing he is for our country, both at home and abroad!