Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Jason

Yesterday was not only St. Patricks day but it was also Jason's 20th birthday. Although I did not post this yesterday, I did not forget. My day was taken up with the attendance of a funeral of a very dear friends husband.
20 years ago God sent us Jason. What a big surprise!!!! Another dear boy to take home to love and care for. But what different boy from the start was this one.
Sweet and gentle was Jason from the start. Content to be held by his mom and dad. Not rough and tumble like his big brothers before him. Curious about the world around him. God gave this boy many different talents. Music is his way of expressing himself. When he sits down at the piano he is lost in his own world. He can make a piano speak a very special language.
Even though when he was little he was his mothers "little dumpling" he has grown up into a very strong and athletic man. He can master whatever he sets his mind to. Ice skating, snow boarding, skiing are nothing to this guy. Just point him in the right direction and he has it down in no time.
The Army has a great asset in this man. From a young age he could drive any vehicle that he wanted, tear apart any engine and make it sing. Those are talents that are truly going to make him stand out in this mans army.
Jason you may not believe it but your father and I are proud of you and stand by you in career move. Give it all you have and be the best that you can. You are in our prayers.
We love you.


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Lisa said...

Happy belated birthdays to Ian and Jason! Congrats on Jason's reserves induction; May God go with him through his vocation decisions. My son is debating the same thing right now ~ but with the Marines. It's a hard concept for me to get my brain around (It scares me to death to think of him going to Iraq!), but I look at your excellent example of supportive and faithful mothering of all your military sons, and it helps give me courage. God's will be done.

Lisa said...

3-23 Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family, Ann!