Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter In My Home Town

This year we celebrated Easter in two churches. Holy week was spent in the little country church in my home town. This is the church where I was married and where all of my children were baptized and made there first communions. This is where our beloved Father Morelle is the pastor and has been since I was 10 years old. All of my five sons have served mass here.

This church is beautiful in its simplicity. And the holiness of our pastor is inspiring to all the faithful who meet him.

Then on Holy Saturday Matthew went to St. Josephs Parish in the town near us to rehearse to serve the vigil mass. The pastor here is also a very holy man and is a good friend to our beloved Father Morelle. Matthew likes going here because Father Castronovo lets any boy serve who comes to mass. He has no schedule for the altar boys.
The boys that you see in these pictures have been serving with Matthew just about every morning for the past two years.
They are very devoted to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Father has taught them to serve on the altar with great love and devotion.
So although we love those in our home parish we have learned to fit in at this parish as well.
God has truly blessed us with two such parishes and such good friends for Matthew and Mary-Kate.

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Lisa said...

Both beautiful churches! What a blessing to have two nurturing environments for your family. We have a similar situation ~ our church here near the farm, and the parish on the Western Slope where we lived for two years. One is simple, one is grander, both are wonderful!