Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Mother's Pride

For the past three months we have been attending the Tridentine Mass in another parish about 20 minutes away from here every other Sunday. After Mass Father Castronovo has been taking the time to train Matthew and a few of his friends so that they can serve the Mass alongside of Father.
This morning two of Matthew's friends served with Father and Matthew sat on the side of the altar. Next Sunday morning Matthew will have the opportunity to serve the Mass.
How proud I was to sit there and see my son on the altar with Father making the responses along with the man who usually serves for Father.
We also had the opportunity to say the rosary in latin before Mass started. What an opportunity also for Matthew to participate in two such devotions of the church in her native language.

Thank you dear Lord for giving us this wonderful chance to have Matthew trained to serve you in this traditional devotion and to serve you on the altar beside such a holy and giving priest.

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Lisa said...

God bless them! The challenge may be great, but the reward greater! I'm so glad you have a tridentine Mass near you! We're so blessed by it, too!