Thursday, December 25, 2008

A few of the hits this Christmas

As the kids get older it gets increasingly difficult to find something to get them for Christmas. Not because they have everything or because they have difficult tastes but because they have simple tastes and they really don't like getting gifts, they'd rather give. It is always gratifying when you think of something that is not only popular but that they REALLY seem to like. I think we hit the nail on the head more than once this year.
Mary-Kate made Matthew this Jedi knight costume this year. Now in this house it is difficult if not impossible to sew in secret. He assumed all the time that she was making it that she was making it for herself. It was obvious to see that he wanted it too. We knew that it would be a success before he even opened the package.
Mary-Kate made Doug this fleece and Matthew gave him the hat and mittens. He is always needing warm things for work and they both did a good job finding just the right things for their Dad who was not only surprised but pleased with their choices.

When I saw these thigh high socks at Target I knew that they were for Mary-Kate. Her nickname is Colors at school and I don't think these socks will let that die too soon. You can also see the flowered fleece and the cow print hat and scarf that I made for her in the background.

Ian has a Carhart coat that we bought him last year. He wears that thing everyday. I have put patches on it and put a new zipper in it. When he brings his laundry over he practically sits by the dryer until it is done, he likes it so much. His dad and I decided that he should have another so that he has two to rotate. The camo fleece that he is wearing Matthew made for him also. Ian is definitely a one coat and one sweatshirt man but the way he works and get dirty we thought that he was definitely deserving of a second one of each.

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