Monday, January 5, 2009

My Christmas Present

I have a great bunch of children. (a friend says I should start calling them young s) They have one major fault, though. They avoid the camera and having their picture taken like the plague. They say that it is understandable because I always have my camera in my hands and am taking pictures of everything and anything. I suppose that explains everything. For this very reason it was not only a surprise but a reason for tears when I opened my present from my sons on Christmas morning. That they would get their picture taken voluntarily is more than shocking, it is a sign of love for their mother that is indisputable. When I found out later that Ryan, the big one on the left, was the originator of this idea was absolutely shocking. He is the one who coined the oft used phrase "at ease the camera!"
I absolutely love this gift from my sons!!! The only thing that could make it better is to include my sailor in the picture but that was not to be, so I am thrilled with what I have. Thank you boys. I love you too.


Love2Learn Mom said...

That *is* a truly wonderful gift!

Lisa said...

This is the best of gifts! What handsome young men!