Saturday, January 3, 2009

Four Generations

I have been sitting here working on some long overdue scrapbooking and I came across these pictures of my grandmother (mother's mother) and my mother. After reading the beautiful post by mooncatblue it got me to thinking about the similarities between the four of us; my grandmother, mother, myself, and my daughter.

My grandmother was a wonderful woman. She never stopped learning all of her life. I can remember when I was a teenager and the movie "Saturday Night Fever" came out. She wanted to see it as much as her grand-daughters did. And she bought the tickets and drove us to the theater and we all saw it together. She is the person who taught me to drink shots of Irish Whiskey.
Just before she died I was expecting my daughter. I already had four sons and had given up hope of having a daughter. I had also not announced to anyone that I was pregnant as yet. She seemed to know, though, she also seemed to know that she was near the end. She grabbed hold of the front of me one day in the hospital and told me that not only did she know that I was having a baby soon, but that it would be a and she wanted her to be named a certain way. She wanted her named Mary-Katherine and she even spelled it for me so that I would spell it right. I didn't take her seriously at the time because I didn't know she was going to die and I doubted that I would have a . Two days later she died of a massive heart attack. Four months later I gave birth to a baby that I named Mary-Katherine Suzanne. I wouldn't dream of going against the wishes of my grandmother. How I miss her still to this day.

My mother, her oldest daughter. I am told as often that I look like her as that I look like my father. I think I look like my mom but I act like my father and that is where people make their mistake. My mother is very serious where my grandmother would as soon laugh as be serious. My mother taught me to be organized and to do everything that I do the best that I could do it. To do a job until it is done and not leave until all is complete. She is the reason that I have been able to homeschool all of my children and survive. She is why I do what I do and do it well. My father is why I am willing to try anything but my mother is why I have the stubbornness to keep at something until I can do it right.

I have my mother's eyes and nose but I have my father's smile. My father smiles and everyone around catches it like a cold. My father is contagious.

My daughter is beautiful. She is everything that is good in both my husband and myself. She has my goofiness and stubbornness when it comes to doing things and my husbands intelligence. She has the grace of an athlete at times and the clumsiness of an elephant at other times. She has a wonderful talent for not taking herself too seriously (comes from having a lot of brothers) and being able to laugh at herself.
As much as my family drives me crazy sometimes, when I look at my daughter I am glad to see the result of all of us all together in her.

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Lisa said...

Ann, you are all beautiful! What a wonderful post. &:o)