Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Miracle of Life

Mary-Kate and I went out the the barn to check the pigs today and were met with a wonderful surprise. One of my pregnant sows, Daisy, had started to have her piglets. Here is Mary-Kate wiping off one and helping it find it's way to the food. No matter how many times I witness this little miracle happening I am still in awe at the wonder of God's plan.The piglet that Mary-Kate is helping came backward and needed a little more help from us than the others did. She had to clear its nose and mouth of mucus and membrane and then she had to rub it and stimulate it until it got moving on its own. Then just point them in the right direction and they will find the food all on their own.
Here they are all lined up nursing. Piled up on top of each other. We got a nice mix of spotted and plain ones too. I love to watch them tumbling around and wrestling with each other just like a bunch of little kids.
This is the one that came backward. She was having no trouble so I got to watch for a change. It took only three pushes and out the piglet came. Then Mary-Kate took over and got the baby breathing and walking and ready to eat on its own. I guess they aren't going to need me in the pig pen much longer.

One beautiful newborn piglet. When all was said and done Daisy had 9 piglets. It's hard to believe that these tiny little cuties will grow so big so fast. Their mom is only one year old after all.

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