Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Longer Men In The Making

Ian, Ryan, and Adam. Looking back over the past years and looking at this picture it is amazing how my boys have become men. Each one has his own unique talents and gifts that God has given him to bring to the world and to each person that he meets. That is something that we know each day as mothers but it becomes much more obvious to me as they get older and they are out in the world. The stories that they tell of people that they meet and how they influence their fellow soldiers and sailors is incredible.
We recently went to Norfolk to see Adam's ship dock. After speaking with other sailors that he works with and their wives and girlfriends and hearing the regard that they have for my son I am proud of the man that he is becoming. The same feeling comes over me when I read the comments that are posted on Ryans website. He does a beautiful job of defending the faith and showing his love for God and his fellow man on his weblog. His influence is beautiful. Closer to home, listening to the people around here vie for Ian to come to work for them and to have Ian around because he is so responsible and to great to have around is pleasing to a parent. The man that he works for is already giving him so much responsibility after only one week on the job.
The future is bright for my other three. Jason seems to be in demand already. The neighbors call for Matthew to have him do little jobs because he is so pleasant and cheerful to have around. Mary-Kate is so patient. She is recovering from back surgery and nary a complaint out of her.
In times of doubt and depression one only needs to look at ones children and their success and it will lift you up. Not to wallow in pride but to keep from falling into the pit.

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