Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a wonderful day we had. We started the day out by going to Mass all together. With everyone growing up and going every which way and having to do things in every different direction that is getting more and more difficult. After Mass we had lunch together. Nothing special but we chatted and joked and just had a good time being together. What a treasure for a mother. Then Doug went to milk, Jason went to Holy Hour, and Matthew, Mary-Kate and I went to May Devotions in Verona.

After devotions we got together again to check the sow and her piglets and to feed the animals, clean out their pens and to capture the new piglets and treat them. When new piglets, shortly after they are born need to have their wolf teeth cut so that they don't have tusks when they grow up and they don't irritate the mom when they nurse. They also need to have shots of iron and antibiotics. Finally we cut their navels and dock the tails on the male piglets. Then we put them back in the pen with the mom and give her a big shot of antibiotics because I had to examine her while she was delivering and because she had one stillborn piglet. Now they are all settled and happy for the night. While we were working with the pigs everyone was laughing and chatting and joking around. It was truly a great day to be together.

After chores jason and I made dinner and now we are relaxing and getting ready for bed and everyone is happy and relaxed. (especially mom)

Thank you to God for a wonderful day.

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