Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well Here We Are

New to blogging and this is very difficult. But is somehow seems necessary. I seems a good way to heal from some very difficult happenings in the life of this family and a great place to store the history of the everyday happenings when I just don't seem to get to it anymore. So here we are:

Laying in front with the big smile on his face is my 15-year-old, Matthew. Of course beside him is my precious daughter Mary-Katherine. She is 17. On my left is my 19-year-old, Jason. Behind me is my 22-year-old Ryan. He is a sergeant in the Army. Next to Ryan is my 20-year-old Adam, who is in the Navy. Next to Adam is my oldest, Ian, 23 years-old, who just got out of the Army with the rank of Specialist. And last but certainly not least is my beloved husband of very nearly 24 years, Douglas. Together we try to farm and raise our children. We also have a saint in heaven. Our daughter Rebekah would have been 14 this coming June 10.

This portrait was taken this past September after the funeral of my husbands father. The boys were all able to come home. Assuming that we would not be able to be all together again anytime too soon we went to have our family portrait taken. As you can see from the picture we had a good time. everyone was very silly and it made a time that could have been very melancholy into a very good time.

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Joannof10 said...

It is good to see your post.
I'm glad you have delved into the world of blogging. It is enjoyable and verrryyyy healing.
See you soon. ps I don't if we could find those elk again if i tried real hard... we were on a "drive".
I'll ask pat.