Sunday, January 13, 2008

Keeping Busy

I have always been the kind of person who deals with the hardships of life by being busy and through hard work. My kids have always been able to guage my mood by what I am doing. They know if mom is worried or concerned about something or thinking hard about something by whether I am cleaning the house from top to bottom all of a sudden.

I recently got the news that my beloved husband had a bad check-up with his urologist. His family has a history of prostate cancer so he has been going to be checked for that for a few years now. But the dr says it's not his prostate but the suspicious cells are coming from somewhere else. At first I had no reaction but to make the needed appointments for the tests and to make the calls to the insurance company. I am really go at functioning. But when all that is done then the possibilities start to go through my brain. We watched one of his uncles die unnecessarily too soon from untreated prostate and kidney disease. All of that started going through my head.

I couldn't clean the house because of my back problems so what to do? How to keep myself busy while I think and pray myself through this dilemma? I good friend gave me the solution. She has two neices that have new babies and she needed gifts for the babies. So she gave me a call and asked me if it would bother my back too much to make a couple of quilts.

What you see here is my answer to her problem and mine. Many tears and prayers for both the babies and my husband went into the creation of these quilts.

I delivered them this morning. My friend loved them and thinks the moms will like them too. I think that when there are so many prayers and tears in the design and execution of something like this that it spills over into the baby's life. I hope and pray that these babies have happy and holy lives.

As for myself, the work has helped me sort this all out. My prayers have been that whatever God has in store for Doug and I, we have the strength to face it all together. That we always rely on His grace and guidance in all decisions, and that the doctors are guided by His hand as well.


Lisa said...

Praying, Ann! Such a perfect way to bring blessing out of fear and worry. I know your charity is being stored up for you and will come back in blessings.

Steve said...

These are inspiring thoughts, Ann. My prayers are with you and the whole family.

Jennie C. said...

Couldn't find an email addy. :-)

I just wanted to say I appreciate you visiting with me, and I hope all turns out well for your husband especially, and for your sons and for you.

God bless you, Ann!

Rebecca said...

The quilts are beautiful! I will pray for your husband.