Monday, January 7, 2008

Post-Christmas Christmas Present

The day after Christmas I received a very nice present. My three bred sows started to have their piglets.One of them only had three but the other two had 11 each. The one that I am holding here is the smallest piglet that we have ever had on this farm. It was only about eight inches long and weighed about 10 ounces. Too bad that it didn't live.
They really needed a rest after being born and then fighting to feed for the first time.
The boar was a brown and pink banded mixed pig so we got quite a lot of color this time. What a lovely batch of piglets.
They are so funny when they climb all over each other and fight to each when it is time to nurse. The squeek and fuss and the mother pig fusses right back at them. They really make quite a racket.

This little piggy got born and headed right for it's first meal. What a sight to behold. Thank you God for this much welcome Christmas present.


Lisa said...

Oh boy. I have to show these pics to my little daughter, Cathy, who is dying for us to get some pigs. We always had a pig or two out in the pens before we moved a couple of years ago. but, now that we're back on the farm with none of the boys at home any more, I was hoping to not have to worry about taking care of stock ~ esp in the winter! But, I don't know... The piglets are so cute! And I do love the "bacon"....

Leticia said...

Those piglets are SO precious! You just want to stroke them.