Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Fishing Trip To Mount Hope Reservoir

Sunday the family decided to pack a picnic lunch and take a trip to Mount Hope to spend the lovely day resting and relaxing each in his or her own way. Matthew packed his "survival" gear in his back-pack. (whatever that is). Jason packed his frisbee, Mary-Kate packed her fishing gear, and mom and dad packed a good book and a blanket to lay on. Off we went to spend the day in the wilderness. To every Pelicano if I say that it is a fishermans horror with trees too close to the good fishing spots and much tackle hanging from all the branches you can all picture the place in your minds.
Matthew doesn't particularly like to fish, he is the zizz plunk type of fisherman that makes the serious fisherman cringe when they are in close proximity. It was not going to be a peaceful day for the serious fisherperson (Mary-Kate) and Matthew even though he did not bring his gear.
He immediately spied all that tackle hanging from the trees and it was all over for Mary-Kate's peaceful day of catching fish.

Now most of us like to go to a store of some kind to procure our fishing tackle. Imagine all the shelves neatly lined with sinkers, hooks, bobbers, and other delights designed to make any fisherman part with all his money. Not Matthew, his delight is in seeing a tree in the wilderness festooned with abandoned tackle that was once loved by some poor child who probably left in tears and frustration.
Now, no effort sees to be too great for Matthew to bag that tackle so he can enjoy the great American sport of fishing. He will risk everything to get all the gear he needs to fish properly. Here he is hanging from a branch in persuit of a bobber of all things to round out his requirements.
Even Jason succommed to the lure (pardon the pun) of the free tackle hanging around and procured some of his own and took to fishing. (fear not folks he is properly licensed) He, however did not climb trees but kept to the ground and what was easily obtained on terra firma.
Matthew's camo hat became a casualty to his hanging upside down from the tree.
Not much sympathy from his father but much advice. I must reveal that the bobber stayed firmly attached to the branch of the tree.
Mary-Kate, in spite of her self did suffer a snag which Matthew did take time out to un-snag for her. (what a guy) I think he had designs on her gear at this point)
Of course he can't do it the easy way. He has to go out almost to the end of a partially submerged tree. Thankfully he brought a change of clothes in his bag of survival gear. That bag is starting to look pretty good to me.

Jason is still enjoying his easily gotten fishing tackle. No climbing skinny branches for him.
Ok, lets try this one more time. That bobber sure has to be worth it. He never did get it. And he finally gave up the whole fishing thing. He makes it look more like work than it really is. It's supposed to be a relaxing past-time.

Thankfully he never fell into the drink. That water is not too clean. Mary-Kate caught one little sunfish which she threw back. Matthew ate a huge lunch. But we all had a nice day and I think we will do it again real soon. Thanks for all the entertainment Matthew.

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