Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today Is Adam's 21st Birthday

Today, 21 years ago, Adam came into the world. He surprised all of us by being early and he especially surprised the doctor that delivered him by smiling up at him when he opened me up to deliver Adam. You never saw a man more shocked!!!!
He's been smiling and surprising us ever since. Adam has been famous all of his life for his smile. Even when he is trying to be serious or pious it is lurking there ready to show itself at a moments notice.Adam was very proud to have made his First Communion on his grandpa Pelicano's birthday. They have always had a special bond. Grandpa was always tolerant of Adam's constant questions. His favorite phrase when he was growing up was "Grandpa, guess what......"
Adam's energy level is phenomenal. Sometimes he would just drop in place he was so tired from going and going all day.

Now he is in the service of his country and they are very fortunate to have him. (of course that is only the opinion of his very proud parents.) Happy Birthday to you Adam. We love you and have been truly blessed by God to have you as our son.

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