Monday, July 2, 2007

Jason Day For the Kraeger Family

Yesterday I designated "Jason Day" for the family. We got up early and packed a picnic lunch and packed up the Dodge and took off for points east. First stop was SUNY Cobleskill where Jason plans on attending school this fall.
After touring the school we jumped into the Dodge and drove a little way east and stopped at Howe Caverns. What an interesting trip that was. After buying our tickets we jumped on an elevator and road 150 feet into the bowels of the earth. What wonders waited for us when we got down there.

I think that we were so fascinated by what we saw that we hardly noticed how cold it was down there. (at least some of us were)
Matthew was HIGHLY enthusiastic about all that he saw and is eager to go back. Jason is very interested in the adventure tour which is much rougher than the usual tour which is what we took.
After such an interesting visit we again piled into the Dodge and drove to our friends the Daly's to swim in their heated pool and have a pleasant visit with old friends.

What a great way to spend "Jason Day". I think the next time we will celebrate "Matthew Day" and find some other interesting way to pass a pleasant Sunday.

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Joannof10 said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful day.