Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home in Central New York

We had two days of snow and ice and the school kids had a snow day and here we are with nice clean snow to cover all the dirt and grime from the summer and fall.
Lupus likes to nip at the snow and bark at it when it comes sliding off the steel roof of the pig barn.
It was so good to get outside yesterday and take a walk around the farm. With the wind chill it wasn't long, though before I had to go back inside and have a cup of hot chocolate and wrap up in a warm quilt.
Mary-Kate and Lupus and I made a visit to the pigs to see how they are doing. We have piglets due on Christmas day. Everyone in the pig barn is growing well. They are warm and snug.

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Lisa said...

Oh, my, you live in such a beautiful place!