Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Son At His Happiest

Yesterday Ian was in his element. The men from Green Acres Backhoe Service came with their ram to help drill under the road so that we can put power and water in the barn across the road.

They got all set up and then went to town drilling the fifty feet under the road from the barn side to the house side of the road. The machine that they used was very loud but effective. It took them only an hour to do the whole job.

First they got into the ditch on the far side of the road and inserted the ram into the dirt and turned the machine on. It's kind of funny. They started seven feet down on that side and ended up four feet down on this side.

Here is the hose sticking out of the ground with the ram in somewhere under the road.

Here is the ram sticking out of the ground on the house side of the road. Once it was through they threaded a hose through that they will use to hold the power line and another hose that will carry the water through.

After they got done and left Ian had lunch and quickly got digging along the driveway to the road so that they could access the power and water from the basement.

What a kind and loving brother he is, he tried very hard not to disturb his sisters newly planted bulbs. He even managed not to disturb my rocks. (one is chained to a tree in the front yard so that it doesn't tip into the ditch)

Sometime this week they will get the power and water hooked up and the barn wired then Matthew doesn't have to use the generator to do chores.

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