Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Winter Wonderland

Here is the result of last weeks snow storm.

Monday to Thursday it snowed and snowed and it really is beautiful even if it is cold and difficult to drive in.

On Thursday morning I was wondering where Matthew was. I thought that he was taking a little long about doing his chores.

These are the pictures I took of him out my bedroom window. He was only enjoying the snow as any 16 year-old would.

I didn't call him back in but let him enjoy the snow and have a little fun.

The fun thing about all of this is that he didn't even know that I was taking his picture.

Our place really looks good in snow. All of the mud piles are covered up and the leftover debris from the fire is covered. It makes me feel like I don't quite have to face things for awhile.

I think God sends us snow to make things pristine to remind us that's what our souls are supposed to be like.

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Mrs. T said...

Oh, that's so gorgeous! Here the temperatures alternate between low 50s and high 70s - we're still waiting for the mosquitoes to die, which may suggest another metaphor about our souls . . .