Monday, December 3, 2007


A recent conversation with a friend who is concerned about another friends (are you still with me?) son who seeks to marry a young lady who the family considers to be wholly inappropriate simply because the father didn't pick her out for the boy and because they didn't go through what the family considers to be an appropriate "type" of courtship. I have reflected on their views and my own on this matter. I disagree with the family on this matter (not about the girl, I have never met her, but on the steps that the couple has taken.) Doug and I have always taught our children to pray for their potential spouse since they were very little. Also that any kind of exclusive dating before they were in a position to engage the heart of anyone and to be married was a possible sinful act. That of course applies mostly to our five sons. Our daughter on the other hand has been taught to guard and protect her heart, mind, soul, and most especially her body as a precious gift that belongs only to the man that God has picked out for her to marry. (if that is the vocation that He has intended for her) Therefore she is to be friend to all and friendly to none until God shows to her the one that He intends to be her life partner. In the meantime her father and her brothers are her greatest champions and protectors.
Anyway, I digress in the intention of this post. In my reflection, which I have a lot of time for while on bedrest. I am reminded of the poem that my son Ryan wrote for the woman that God may send to him someday for his wife.

Where are You?

To be a better man in great and small.
To become each day more worthy of you;
That I might have something to giv, when I give my all,
To be each day more true.

And each time I have failed, been less than I could,
I have failed more than only me.
If I do not do what He wishes I would,
I become what you would not want me to be.

But I try again, and yet again, to be all that I can,
As I will try all my life.
If I can best myself I will be a man,
And someday worthy of you, my wife.

For your sake I try to do His will,
You, unmerited gift from God above.
I do not know you yet I love you still,
Enough to wait for you, my love.

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