Saturday, December 1, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day in central New York. Sunny, windy and cool.

Ian had a perfect day for digging. It was even dry which is unusual for this time of year. Of course the motto for the weather in New York is if you don't like it just wait awhile.

In the evening last night the clouds rolled in and they brought with them some of the white stuff.

The wind picked up and we had some snowfall. We now have a winter storm warning in affect until 5:00 pm tomorrow. They are talking another 3-6 inches.

For those of us who are native New Yorkers snow is a four letter word. I am sure glad that Doug had the Durango to take to work this morning rather than our old farm truck. Some of those hills can be brutal. Now I only have to pray for Ian who is in Binghamton for the weekend at drill. His truck is only a two-wheel drive. Of course he assures me that he is fine and he can drive through anything. (oh, to be young and invincable again)

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