Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Farmers don't get Labor Day off. They labor on Labor Day. Especially if the weather is right for making hay. Since this summer has been such a terrible haying summer, all the more reason to not take the day off.

But that doesn't mean that farmers cannot celebrate Labor Day.

We went to Cayuga Lake on Sunday. We got up early and packed a picnic lunch and then we packed the car. We drove to Mass at St. Joseph's because they have an 8:30 mass and that would get us on the road fairly early.
The drive was beautiful. Doug took advantage of the fact that I was driving and listened to a couple of Peter Kreeft talks on his MP3 player. Mary-Kate and Matthew watched a DVD. (the drive was longer than 2 hours so they are allowed to)

After eating our lunch when we got there we took a hike around the gorge at Taughannock Falls. The walk is about 3/4 of a mile and it is an easy walk. We enjoyed the beautiful views of the gorge and falls from up above. At one point we were able to see all the way down the gorge to the lake. That was pretty awsome.
The falls at the end of the gorge doesn't have a lot of water coming down them but they are pretty wonderous to behold.
Doug and I also took the trail that goes up the gorge from down below. We enjoyed the cool of walking in the river all the way to the falls at the end of the gorge. My goofy husband had to pose for this picture of him sitting on the wrong side of the wall, in spite of the sign.
While we were walking Mary-Kate and Matthew stayed by the lake and engaged in their own kind of appreciation. Matthew sketched what he saw out on the lake and Mary-Kate spent her time wading in the lake and taking pictures.

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Lisa said...

Beautiful scenery! Amazing falls, but look so different than ours do here. Isn't that funny? One of these days we're going to get to explore your side of the country!