Friday, September 5, 2008

When Hop Was King in New York State

Last September Matthew and I went to the hopfest which is held near us every year. I bought this hop plant and look at it now!

The vine is now taller than I am and loaded with flowers. (What you see on either side are the morning glories that MK planted.)
The hop flowers have a beautiful earthy, musky odor reminiscent of the smell of . (I wonder why)
The flowers don't look very "flowery" but this is a hop blossom. These are harvested, dried in kilns and used in the brewing of .
The lovely sunflowers that Mary-Kate and planted last spring. The make a cheery sight by the road.
I think MK will like these that I brought inside for her visit home this weekend.

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Lisa said...

We tried to grow hops vines one summer here in CO, but they didn't like our climate, I think... They are great viney ugly-wall-cover-uppers, though! I wish we could have gotten them to grow. Esp since we are (not beer drinkers), but ale connesiurs here. &:o) Love the vase of sunflower. So cheerful!