Monday, September 15, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook Monday 15 September 2008

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Outside my window...... I don't know because I am at the local library (we have no electricity) we had to flee our home this morning. It is windy and chilly with mist in the air.

I am thinking..... It is Monday and none of the usual Monday things are getting done since we have no power and consequently no water. You all can guess what that means.

I am thankful..... that last nights high winds did no more damage than a few branches down and the electricity out. I have heard no news of any injuries either.

From the kitchen...... oh wait we don't know what is happening in the kitchen, guess it will be Mc Donalds today

I am creating...... lesson plans for my second grade religion class at St Joes and my 5th grade religion class at Our Lady of Good Counsel

I am going...... to take Matthew for lunch and then back here for the rest of the afternoon's classes

I am wearing...... jeans and a green eternity is better shirt

I am hoping...... the power comes back soon so that we can get caught up with the laundry

I am reading...... the Baltimore Catechism

I am hearing...... the other patrons of the library

Around the house...... it is dark and quiet and cold

One of my favorite things..... the fact that Matthew and I are so adaptable

I have no picture thought to share with you. My camera is at home and I didn't take any pictures of the storm damage

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Joannof10 said...

We never lost our power. We did see alot of fireworks when the electic line into the house across the street went down though.

My mom and dad lost part of another tree again. That makes the third tree this summer.

We would love to see you on Wednesday! I will be at the funeral Wed. morning, and then pick the kids up at mom and dads and then be home after that.