Saturday, September 20, 2008

Splitting Wood

I don't know what happens to my men when wood splitting time rolls around each year. Believe me the same disease doesn't afflict them when it is time to shovel out the pig pen or when it is time to mow the lawn. Only when there is a pile of wood that needs splitting. I often think that I should buy each one of them their own godevil; but I have a sneaky suspicion that it would cure them of the disease instantly and then I would get no wood for the stove and furnace.

Ian brought home a pile of wood this week and dumped it in my driveway. Wednesday evening the disease began to take hold of them.

They start talking about splitting wood. What is the best way to do it and what is the best tool to use.

Then one has to grab up the godevil and begin to show what his technique is. Ian is usually the first one only because he is the oldest and so he has been at this longest, except for his father, of course.

He would go at it all night if Matthew wasn't persistant enough to wrestle the godevil away from him so that he can get his chance to show off his stuff.

Now he hasn't been at it as long as Ian but he has determination to spare.

If nothing else that will carry the day for Matthew. (personally I don't like his choice of footwear)

Matthew is the only person I know who can talk and split wood at the same time. It must be all that excess energy.

After all of this talk, the patriarch cannot help but be inspired to visit his teenage years and set his hands to the task.

Move over teenage sons, the old man still has you all beat. He splits his fair share and reminds them all who it was that taught them.

There is a hint of the young man that I fell in love with.

Fortunately this disease is predictable and repeatable so I am assured of enough split and stacked wood to last for the whole of the winter. Thank God for testosterone!!!!!

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