Friday, September 7, 2007

Am I Really Worth It?

Ian has been working on putting electricity and water into the pole barn that I use for my pigs. He comes over after he has put in a 12 hour day with Buddy Richardson making hay and whatever else he has to do and then he works on my barn. I wonder sometimes if it is all worth it. Especially after this little adventure.
He dug in my front lawn for a tile that they thought was there to drain water across the road and all they found was a lot of dirt. Now the lawn is all dug up and no tile was found. So he moved across the road and he found a tile and an old barn foundation.
Let me tell you they built them thick in back in those days. Long before my father-in-law bought that part of the farm it did used to be a pig farm and there were other barns on that side of the road. Ian found the foundation of one of them. We think that it burned down because the parts of old tools that he dug up, what handles were left were all charred.
The foundation was 24inches thick. When he finally got to the tile it was to discover that is was only there to drain the barn into an old catch basin and nothing more. So now we are going to hire an excavating company to drive a ram under the road so that we can bring water and electricity across the road.
It was a great diversion for all the cars driving by while Ian was digging. After he gets done then we won't have to carry water three times a day in pails to water all the pigs and the chickens when Mary-Kate gets them. Ian is buying her some chickens to replace what she lost in the fire. He has already built her a nice pen in the pole barn also. Every girl should have a brother like Ian.

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