Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Car Show

Sunday, in spite of the rain we went out to the old car show in Wampsville. Poor Doug and Mary-Kate had to put up with all the old cars while Jason, Matthew and I got our fill of looking at cars and trucks.

We saw Edsells. Actually this was the only one.
And Cadillacs. What a beauty.
Check out this ride. Matthew called it sweet.
Because it had rained each car was being lovingly wiped down by its owner.
Here is a Mercury.
Check out this woodie. The whole cab of this truck is made of wood.
I like the white wall tires.
The hood ornaments were a big hit with the kids.
So were the tail fins.
Here is my kind of Dodge. Even Jason had to admit that was a nice looking ride and the hood ornament is very impressive.

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