Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall Harvest

Fall means harvest time. The corn is ready and before the machines come to pick it for us we have already begun to cut some to feed to the pigs.
Matthew enjoys going up and cutting a load of corn with the machete. It's easy to get carried away cutting and cutting until you look back and there's quite a bit down behind you.
The Mary-Kate and Dad go behind and load the corn onto the wagon.

We started with the little wagon. But Matthew gets so carried away that I think that we need to get the big dump-wagon next time. You can't even see the little wagon under this load.

Mary-Kate thinks it needs to be tied on so it doesn't come off onto the road. Good idea!!!!! Yummy eating for all the piggies. Next we go and pick up wind fall apples. This is going to be some good pork.

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