Friday, September 7, 2007

This and That

Mary-Kate is not the only scholar in the family. Matthew is also hard at work filling his mind with lots of useful and important information. Here he is learning English Grammar.
You can tell by the look of concentration on his face that it doesn't come easy to him. It is also not his favorite subject. He is eagerly waiting for Biology or Religion class to begin. Those are subjects that he can sink his teeth into. Today he will start a pond scum experiment in biology. In Religion he is learning about the ancient Greeks. We are doing salvation history.
Here is our dog Shadow. She has ADD. (Not really but is seems that way sometimes.) She can jump to the top of her pen from a dead stand still. That is cool to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry.
I had to include some pictures of Jason's roses. These are the most unusual plants that I have ever seen. They go from completely bare with no discernable blossoms to fully in bloom over night. They do not blossom gradually as some plants do, they go from nothing to fully in bloom.
I'm glad he planted them by the deck, then I can enjoy them when I sit out there and when I go out to hang the laundry.

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