Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Taking Jason to College

We took Jason to college on August 23. As you can imagine it was not a good day for the mom. My very sympathetic son Ryan says to suck up and go on. At least that's what he tells his soldiers and he says it always works. (it never worked with him). Anyway, we found his room and Mary-Kate and I unpacked him and got his stuff organized. (he was greatful for that believe it or not)
After standing in line for most of the day getting his schedule and books and other stuff we said good-bye. First he said good-bye to his father. It was such an inspiring "guy" moment. Very touching.
Then he said a painful good-bye to his sister. You can tell they will miss each other.
Then he and Matthew said another touching guy type of farewell.
Then we watched him walk off into the sunset. Only there was no sunset.

Bye Jason. Learn a lot a college. Don't have too much fun.

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