Monday, August 6, 2007

Getting Away Just One More Time

Yesterday we had to get away just one more time. This time we took Ian and Jason along. This will be the last trip to the Adirondacks before Jason leaves for college. Two weeks ago we saw a kayack for sale at a garage sale and the price was right and name on it was Pelican so we knew it was meant to be so we bought it. Yesterday we knew the time was right to take the Pelican out for her maiden voyage.

Very early in the morning we got up and packed the car and strapped the kayacks (two borrowed and ours) and the borrowed canoe onto the truck and the Durango and we took off for our favorite place in the north country. First stop of course was a hike up Bald Mountain.
We never tire of the trip up or of the view from the top. Yesterday their was some mist still present and we were the first on the trail.
Ian obliged us by sitting for his picture to prove that he was indeed there.
Then off to Nicks Lake and we hit the water. We were there early enough so that most of the campers hadn't stirred yet from their respective tents and campers yet. It was very quiet. We rowed out to the rock and some of our party did some swimming out their.
Mom prefers to just paddle around the lake by herself enjoying the scenery and the peace and quiet.
Ian and Jason are power rowers. They enjoy the speed. But they had a good time and enjoyed each others company.
By the time we got home last night we were all sunburnt and tired and refreshed by out time out on the lake and in the mountains. There is something about the Adirondacks.

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