Saturday, August 11, 2007

What Do Farmers Do At Empire Farm Days?

Thursday we went to Empire Farm Days. It's like the State Fair only just for farmers. Mary-Kate stayed home because it was her second day out of her brace and we were afraid it would be too long a day for her.

So what do farmers do at Empire Farm Days? They look at machinery.

And more machinery, big machinery and little machinery.
They get under machinery, and they get into the machinery.

They talk about the machinery with anyone who will talk about the machinery. Friend or stranger, it doesn't matter. Everyone is a friend when there is machinery around.

Sometimes they just stand there and look. I don't know why, maybe they just can't find anything to say so they just stand there and look.

Not all the machinery there is for farmers but it all seems to appeal to farmers. (I guess because the majority of them are men?)

There were a lot of trucks there, and they had to stand around and look at them. Trucks need to be admired too.

Sometimes they just have to stand around. (I guess they just have to rest from all that standing around and looking.)

Then they go back to standing around and looking at machinery all over again. They had a great time though.

And that's what farmers do at Empire Farm Days. Until next year.

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