Monday, August 20, 2007

A Very Busy Saturday

Saturday Mary-Kate and I went to Holy Cross to help with the school clean up day. When we got to the school it looked like a tornado had gone through, so we jumped into the storm and started cleaning. Mary-Kate grabbed a rag and helped scrub lockers and get them ready for the next bunch of eager students.

I can't tell here is she doesn't want her picture taken or she can't believe how awful this locker looks.

Everyone pitched in and although order had not been restored by the time we had left, cleanliness had been and that is a good thing.

Look what we had waiting for us when we got home. We had our own brand of work to do there.

Matthew put on the pans of water to boil and quickly got out jars to wash while Mary-Kate and I started to peel tomatoes.

They both know enough to do their part and get it done quickly and get out of the kitchen. Then mom is left alone with the canner and the stove and here is what comes from that days work. They sure will be good this winter when we no longer have them fresh from the garden.

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