Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strange Goings On With The Kraeger Men

What does a mother do when her son says "I'm bringing you a present but will you take the tires off the old truck first?" Of course she sends her men out to take the tires off the old truck.

So in the dark of night last night we went out and towed the truck out behind the shop and jacked it up and started to take the tires off of it.
Now most sons bring their mothers ordinary things like roses. But not my son. He thinks like I do and he thinks practically.

His boss is having a new barn built and it is going up in the middle of a corn field. Now Ian hates the thought of waste. So here he is with his father in the dark of night by the headlights of his truck picking corn from the proposed barn sight into the bed of the truck.

Ian's gift to me is a truckload of free feed for my pigs. What more could any mother want. I think I'll make him a pizza and buy him a six pack of his favorite beer. Then we can sit down together and shuck all that corn. We'll all be in "hog heaven"

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