Monday, August 20, 2007

The Recent Neglect of This Blog Sight

This past week has been spent working on the paperwork for Jason's financial aid for college. Thursday is the day that we take him to school and the paper had to be finished and filed before then. Now I know what you are all thinking, that I put it off until the last minute because I didn't want him to go. That is simply not true. Monday morning our income tax was finally filed and we had all the information needed to file accurate financial aid forms for Jason. And that is the honest truth. Although you are all right that I don't want to see him go, even to a school that is an hour and fifteen minutes away. So here are pictures of my desk this past week showing all of the paperwork that I have worked on.
Finally on friday I drove to Cobleskill and filed everything and we are pleased to say that he was eligible for complete financial aid and he even has enough leftover for books and supplies for his course. So the money he earned this summer can stay in the bank and collect dust. This week we will spend out time spoiling him and making it difficult for him to leave and then on Thursday we pack up and drive to Cobleskill to drop him off. To treat Mary-Kate and Matthew (and I think the mother) Doug says we can stay over camping at Glimerglass State Park and visit Cooperstown on the way home.

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