Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jason's Sunflower Field

This past spring Jason asked his dad for three acres of pasture land to plow up and sow with sunflowers as an experiment.

So after working each day he plowed, disced, and dragged the field. He picked the stone all by himself.
He bought the seed and fixed the grain drill and then he planted the seed. Here are the little sprouts.
We all looked forward to seeing the sunflowers blossoming late in the summer. Imagine our surprise when we started to see the deer coming out to see the field.

Soon the plants were getting larger and larger. At first the summer was dry but after we started to get rain they really started to take off.

Then the plants got so thick that you couldn't walk between them. Now they are as tall as Jason is and they are beautiful with their signature yellow flowers that follow the sun all day long. The neighbors love to comment about the beauty of that field.

Thanks Jason!

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