Saturday, June 2, 2007


Today Doug and I went to a funeral. Too many relatives when the grief is flowing. Inevitably the conversation gets around to the children. How are they doing and how they have grown. I don't know why my daughter seems to be the family barometer of time passage but it always seems to be so. They all, to a man (or woman if you are so inclined) couldn't believe that she is already 17.
It all got me to thinking about the passage of time. Certainly they do change and since most of the relatives aren't in on the day to day changes, yes it is certainly unbelievable how they have grown. But it was also inevitable. The alternative, to quote my poet son Ryan, is permanent.
So here they all are. Ryan on his first day of school at four years old. Full of the potential for the man that he has become. And Ryan at 21 years-old. Truly a man to be proud of. A better son and friend I could not find anywhere. To quote our beloved priest, "I may indulge in a little parental pride here."

Ian at age 5. What a bundle of energy and curiosity!!!!! There wasn't anything that he didn't want to know about or do at that age.
Ian at 22 years-old. A most caring, energetic and responsible individual I defy you to find anywhere. He has a job for a local crop farmer. From day one he has been given more and more responsibility. He works without regard for himself. He's giving and serving in the best sense of the word. The woman that snags him will have a treasure beyond price.
Jason at age 18. Still has a few kinks to hammer out but you can't find a more caring individual. He will work himself to the bone for anyone who needs him. He can fix anything. If he didn't know anything about it before, just give him some time and he will figure it out.
When he was young his favorite thing to say was "oh, it's somewhere." whenever Doug or I asked when something was lost. He could be one of the most exasperating, loving kids that you had ever met. He was and still is my "little dumpling".
Here is Adam at age 19. He was recently promoted to Petty Officer Second Class. That is equivalent to a Sergeant in the Army. Adam has a great deal of intelligence. He has a wonderful capacity for memorization and for sticking to anything that is important to him. Once Adam decides to do or learn anything consider it done. He also has a deep faith in God and a very loving heart.
When he was younger he loved to play in small places. Cardboard boxes and cupboards were some of his favorite places to play. His favorite phrase was "_____________ guess what?"
Insert any name. He was always asking some question of anyone who would listen and answer him. Adam always wanted to know and still is that way.

Matthew is your typical youngest. He is loving and charming and just a great kid to have around. He is imaginative and has plans for everything. He has plans for fixing, building, and improving everything. Just ask him and he will hold forth for as long as you are willing to listen.
He is also very intelligent and helpful. He truly has the heart of a servant and is getting closer to God each and every day. Here he is at 14 years old.
Mary-Kate has always been the princess of the family. Her brothers love her and at times she drives them crazy.
Here she is at 16 and yet still she changes with each passing day. She is growing into a loving, giving, serving young lady. She has been tried in the furnace and has been proven worthy. She is very able to see the needs of others and to step up and try her best to fill in when the need is there. She works daily to stay close to Our Lord and Our Lady and to follow them. She makes her father and I both proud to be her parents.


Joannof10 said...

What precious photos! That was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

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