Friday, June 29, 2007

A Young Lady

Ryan recently asked me when Mary-Kate had become such a young lady. That particular question set me to thinking and to observing. We all tend to take things for granted and not really pay attention to what was right under our noses. I think this is true of just about everyone, even the most observant of us.
Truly my daughter is a young lady, both in looks and in attitude. After thinking this over for a few days I have come to the conclusion that it is both environment, teaching, and circumstances that make us mature. Mary-Kate has made big strides both from what she has been taught in her life and by what she has experienced.

Truly she is beautiful of face and of form but a little while in her company and one can quickly see that she is also beautiful inside. She is sweet and solicitious to those around her. She is thoughtful of those she meets and is caring.

I think that it goes without saying that her father and I are proud of her and the progress that she makes in her maturing.

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Steve said...

What a great tribute to Mary-Kate! You couldn't have said it better. She is indeed a very special young woman.

Best from Steve