Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Matthew's Foray into a Life of Crime

Matthew decided yesterday that he was going to learn how to pick locks. So here he is trying to pick the lock on the washroom door. I am not really clear about the purpose of this venture but he assures me that it is perfectly safe (whatever that means). I am not entirely reassured by his words.
At the end of his venture he learned that he is not adept at picking locks at all. Or maybe not that lock in particular. Anyway, he has hung up his lock picking tools for now and has turned his attention to other pursuits.
Thankfully he did this job with the door open and I had the key in hand all the while so we were never in any danger of being locked out at any time. Such is the life of an inquisitive 15 year-old.

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Joannof10 said...

My Matt learned to pick locks when he was fifteen from the internet. He was great at it. (I don't know if that is good or bad)