Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How to Spend a Hot Day

Take one very warm day, add a little girl and her best buddy and one swimming pool and you have a great summer-time combination. You don't have to be blood relatives to have a great "big" brother.

Elizabeth begged her buddy "Mattfew" to take her swimming. It didn't take much persuasion. They quickly put on their suits and headed for the pool. She sat patiently on the side while Matthew jumped into the pool first.

Then round and round they went. She got dunked a few times and then she got to play boat on Matthew's back. That was great fun.
What more can a gril want than to have a "big brother" whether real or just adopted for awhile to play with in the pool on a warm summer day.
Thanks to Matthew we have a very happy and tired little girl. She took a great nap that day!

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