Monday, June 25, 2007

Two Good Buddies

Today Matthew had his friend Brett come over for the afternoon. Unfortunately, on a farm, the work still has to get done. Fortunately, Brett is the kind of guy who doesn't mind helping, I think he actually likes it.

So here they are together helping move machinery away from the site where the new barn is going to be built. The site has to be cleared so the bulldozer can come in and start clearing the land.
They are both working on building big muscles. They really don't know it yet but they are, and I am helping them. They don't know how lucky they are to have me.
Matthew can work hard and talk at the same time. A hidden talent.
Then they take some time off to cool down in the pool and work on some more muscles and what Doug calls necessary male bonding. They are just burning up some energy.
Then it's back to work to help load the last of the round bales for the evening before we take Brett home. That's the farmer way to get some visiting in during the work week.

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